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We just love ice cream!

One of the first things I missed when I arrived in Christchurch in 2006 was a good gelateria; a place where I could hang out with my friends in summer, enjoying handcrafted Italian Ice Cream. It's how I used to spend the warm evenings in Germany.

After a trip back to Europe I decided to ditch IT and learn how to make gelato myself. I spent a lot of time learning the ropes from a true Italian who has been making gelato for almost 50 years. I became passionate about honest, untempered ingredients, the people who grow and process them. I adopted the fundamental believes that drive those suppliers to produce the most amazing flavours without any artificial aromas, stabilizers or other commonly used additives.

Back in Christchurch I bought an old ambulance and converted it together with some real artisanal trades people into the truck from which you can now get the best gelati and sorbetti I can make for you.

I hope you enjoy it! I surely am.


It's what's on the inside that counts

When it comes to crafting our frozen treats, the best is just good enough.

We source our ingredients from small, family run suppliers in New Zealand, Germany and directly in Italy. Our suppliers listen to our feedback and they are just as passionate about what they do as we are.

Our little factory measures only 16 square meters, but is packed with everything one needs to make amazingly creamy gelati and crisp, intensly flavoured sorbetti. You can find us behind Everybody's Butchery in Selwyn Street, where you can also get some take home tubs of our flavours.

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